Case Study

I was introduced to a prospective client who had a second home which was being used at weekends and as a daily retreat. On my initial visit the requirements for a new system were some basic lighting, use of a fan in summer and a small inline water pump for washing and showering.

When I met the prospective client she was using a 6KVA diesel generator for electric. This was to power the house, pump water and provide additional power to a static caravan which was used occasionally. The caravan had a very small and basic solar system to run lights and other low consume appliances. Both the house and caravan had fridges but they were only connected when the generator was being used and the rest of the time were switched off.

My initial quotation was to provide power to the house only and it included 2 x 12v 140 watt panels, a Victron Blue regulator, 2 x 12v 185ah gel batteries and a Victron 12v 800 watt inverter/charger.

After talking through the initial quotation, the client was interested to know what else could be powered by increasing the system size. The next step was to provide a quote that would power the house with an electric fridge and also power the static caravan also including a fridge. The final system that was fitted included the following.

  • 4 x 190 watt 24v panels
  • Victron multiplus 24/1200 Inverter/Charger
  • Xantrex C40 Charge Controller
  • 4 x 6v Rolls 4000 Series S460

Six months later, the system more than copes with the demands of the client, both the house and caravan are running off the main system the small system that was powering the caravan has been removed and is now used as a filtering system for the water holding tank.