About us…


We are an independent solar company supplying solar equipment to individuals who have the desire to live a greener, more environmentally friendly lifestyle or due to geographical location are unable to live ‘on grid’. Either way we are here to help, whether it’s a full system designed and fitted to suit your needs or to supply equipment to replace and/or upgrade an existing system. We also offer a full system maintenance and trouble shooting service.

From years of living ‘off grid’, the only hurdle with a solar system in comparison to ‘on grid’ is the initial budget outlay. Solar can be a big investment initially but designing a system that suits your needs and finances are vital to us. Once a correctly sized system is installed and up and running the annual costs will be nominal. People often say to me this is our budget and out friends tell us this piece of equipment is the best, they are often correct but that one piece of equipment has just blown half their budget. Getting the balance between budget and supplying a system that works day and night all year around is what we pride ourselves in doing.

We supply solar equipment from the leading manufactures in the field including, Outback Power, Lorentz, Victron Energy, Excide Technologies, Rolls and Xantrex.